Helping the Swedish Migration Board improve their customer centres

The Swedish Migration Board considers applications from people who want to take up residence in Sweden, come for a longer visit, seek asylum or become Swedish citizens. At the moment, different offices are responsible for different types of applications, which means that you may have to visit several offices to get all the services you need. As it would be much easier if you could get all services in the same place, the Migration Board has started to open new customer centres, which can handle all types of applications.

In the new customer centres, people have very different backgrounds and prerequisites and it’s important that services and information are accessible for everyone, whether you’re a student applying for a study permit or a fugitive seeking asylum. We used a service design approach to help the Migration Board gain more understanding of who their customers’ are, what they need and how the Migration board can make their customer centres more customer-oriented.

Knowing more about the customers’ needs, we proposed some new design solutions, that hopefully will help giving customers a good experience at the Migration Board’s future customer centres.

PersonaCustomer Journey MapService Blue Print

Understanding the customers


BA project in collaboration with The Swedish Migration Board and Antrop.

What did I do? User research, workshop facilitation, concept development and concept visualisation. 

All research and concept development was done together with Matilda Björnram, University of Linköping.