Show me something new and exciting.

This concept was developed in collaboration with the newly built library and art centre in Halmstad, Sweden. During four workshops, citizens and library employees ideated and visualised how digital technology could improve the library experience.

 ”I would like to discover things I didn’t know I was interested in .” Marie-Louise

 ”It took me three visits to realise there was a whole floor downstairs as well” Maj-Britt

The outcome was an exploration tool, which works as a playful complement to the existing library database. Search results are media independent and a search can therefore present anything from audio books to exhibitions. It is also possible to explore the library through an interactive map.

An additional feature is the possibility to share your opinion on the library’s media and events; books you have read or exhibitions you have seen. The comments are then shown on the library’s walls and shared with all visitors.

Exploring the library

Halmstad Library

University project

I did: Workshop facilitation, concept development and visualisation.