Fast, accessible and discreet advice for youth with problems.

Today, 90 percent of the Social Services cases are reported by someone else than the person in need of help. Myths about the social services are circulating among the youth and many are very reluctant to take contact. This makes it hard for the social services to be proactive and solve problems before they get out of hand. 

In collaboration with young people who has been in contact with the Social Services, Hello Future developed a mobile service that is tailored to Skellefteå’s younger citizens. The service is integrated in the popular MySkellefteå app, as it was pointed out that “it would be embarrassing if your friends saw that you had the Social Services App installed“.

Through the service, a social worker on call will give advise on anything from troubles in school to substance abuse. It is possible to choose to be anonymous and if calling feels uncomfortable, it is fine to send a text instead.

Digital social workers

Socialtjänsten Skellefteå
Hello Future

I was involved in: User testing, development of the clickable prototype and concept visualisation. 

This service is integrated in the app MittSkellefteå.

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